Applying For a Music License


If you are new to production music and haven't registered with PRS for Production Music before:

Get a Quote

The first step to obtain a quote is to select the use for which the music is required.

PRS for Production Music Registration Screen

You then need to enter the details of each of the tracks.

PRS for Production Music Get a Quote Screen

Enter the details of the music that you would like to use by clicking on the + add track details icon. Here you will be asked to provide the following:

  1. Track name
  2. CD Code (enter a "0" here)
  3. Track number (enter a "0" here too)
  4. Composer
  5. The name of the music library (enter "The Perfect Music Library" here)

Apply for this Licencebutton. The Final steps overlay box will appear. Here you will have the option to include further information that you may want to be displayed on your licence, such as:

  1. Production Title (the name of your production)
  2. Production Company (your company name or the name of the party creating the production)
  3. Produced for (the name of your client or the name of the party that the production is being made for – if different to Production company)
  4. Reference number (if you require a reference number to be included on the licence or if you require a Purchase Order number to be displayed on the invoice to facilitate payment by your accounts department, for example)
  5. Additional Information (any additional wording that you would like to be displayed on your licence)

All of the information in the Final steps overlay box is optional apart from the Production Title. If you do not want to provide any additional information you do not have to do so.

You will then receive an email confirmation of your application which will include all the details you entered.

An invoice with accompanying terms and conditions will then be emailed to you within 7 working days. Your licence is conditional on payment being received by MCPS within the time stated on the invoice.